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SILT is about change, about hope, about a robust local food supply. SILT is about diversity in our land, our farms and our economy. It’s about a healthier life for Iowans with locally-grown, chemical-free food. 

  • We imagine an Iowa where suburban families will grow up with living, breathing Grant Wood scenes in their backyards.
  • We imagine diverse farms of fruits, vegetables and some small animals, farmed by people who sponsor educational programs and U-Pick days, barn dances and potlucks.
  • We imagine young people choosing to farm without also choosing a lifetime of insurmountable mortgage debt.
  • We imagine a farm economy diverse enough to withstand the ups and downs of a fickle market, taking some of the risk out of farming.

The founders of SILT believe we can capture the best of what our farms used to be and bring them into the 21st century.

If you share our vision, join us today to help launch the grandest local foods movement in Iowa ever. 

Donors, investors and other supporters may be interested in reading our business plan as well. Please contact us with any questions.