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Farm matched – One farm still available

February 1, 2017

SILT has already matched two of its three farms, the latest in NE Iowa. Last week, Will Lorentzen and his wife Adrian White moved the last of their belongings to Garber (bumping Garber’s population up by more than 2 percent!) Will plans to farm by limiting his tillage footprint while still producing food for market, including shiitake ...

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It’s About People Coming Together

December 21, 2016

120 people attended the SILT dinner this year to honor our third land donor, Steve Beaumont, who brought our total acres protected to 115 in just two years. The celebration came on the heels of a day-long planning session that welcomed 7 new board members and 40 volunteers who set SILT’s goals for protecting more land to ...

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Decline in farmland values – how will we protect it?

December 15, 2016

“Iowa’s average farmland value declined for the third year in a row, down 5.9 percent to $7,183 an acre over the past year. It’s the first time since the 1980s farm crisis that land values have fallen three straight years, according to an Iowa State University report released Tuesday.”* Imagine an Iowa where our land price fluctuations weren’t based on ...

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Upcoming Events

SILT speakers are available for your regular meeting, program or conference and to talk to the media. Contact us at with details.

Jan. 26-27 Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Growers, Ankeny
Come by SILT's table to learn how you can keep your orchard from getting plowed under by the next owner of your farm. IFVG Annual Conference

Feb. 5-6 Iowa Winegrowers Association, Ames
SILT introduces itself to a new group of Iowa landowners growing good food. Meet new board members George Oamek and Anne Johnson at the SILT table. Scheman Center, ISU campus.

Feb. 9 Local Food and Farmers Market Summit, Calmar
Board Member Kayla Koether will speak to local food advocates on the assertion: No Local Farms, No Local Foods.

Feb. 9 Watershed Management Symposium, Dubuque
Board President Suzan Erem will discuss how permanently setting aside land to grow healthy food will improve not only the quality of our water but the quality of our lives.

Feb. 11 Small Farms Conference, Ames
Small farms are built to grow fruits, vegetables, nuts and small livestock. SILT can permanently protect these farms from development and commodity cropping for generations to come. Ask Executive Director Sheila Knoploh-Odole how when you're there.

Feb. 11 Tri-state Local Food Summit, Sinsinawa Mounds Wis.
Look for SILT volunteer Alice Topoloff to get a SILT brochure. Secure our local food system with local farms.

Feb. 11 Chestnut Growing Workshop, Letts
Look for SILT board members Suzan Erem and Paul Durrenberger or ask your hosts, SILT Founders Tom Wahl and Kathy Dice, about how to protect your chestnut orchard for generations to come.