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In December 2014, some of the best minds in Iowa’s sustainable agriculture community gathered at Hotel Pattee in Perry IA to solve one problem: How to protect our farms to grow healthy food forever.

They knew this one mission would solve a myriad of problems including

  • access to land for beginning farmers
  • local food production in the face of climate change and dwindling fossil fuel reserves
  • the future of the family farm
  • the health of our rural communities
  • the current massive transition in land ownership
  • food security for our growing communities
  • expanding cities eating up prime farmland

Why “SILT?” Because when silt stays where it belongs, on our farms, through truly sustainable farming practices, it grows great food. It’s only when we let it wash and blow away that it becomes the muck at the bottom of our rivers and lakes. SILT – It makes farmers smile and environmentalists smirk. And then the conversation begins!

SILT was founded in 2015 by a broad spectrum of Iowa leaders. Take a look at our board and advisory council members. Their concern: land for local fruit, vegetable and livestock production will soon disappear if we don’t work together to protect it for good.