The Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) was founded when 25 of the most respected leaders in sustainable agriculture, planning and development met to save and protect small, diverse, clean farms that feed Iowans.

Iowa imports nearly 90 percent of its food while exporting nearly everything we grow, and leaving us the waste –  hog manure, threatened water supply, rancid air.

Our Mission: To permanently protect Iowa land to grow nature-friendly table food.

Our Vision: An Iowa sustained by wholesome food grown on community-based farms.

Our model takes land speculation and mortgage interest out of the equation for future healthy food farmers. The results of our work include affordable farmland near markets for our food farmers, and therefore a secure, healthy food system for the future, more fresh food in our community, clean water, fresh air and healthy soils.

If you’re interested in protecting your land, contact us today to start the conversation.