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Who We Are

The Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) launched in early 2015 to help save and protect the best of the family farm – small, diverse, clean farms that feed Iowans. We are dedicated to permanently protecting land to grow healthy food for generations to come.

Our model takes land speculation and mortgage interest out of the equation for future healthy food farmers through sole ownership of farmland and the stringent enforcement of sustainable ag conservation easements. That means affordable farmland near markets for our food farmers. Loving local food means protecting local farmland.

We are also seeking partnerships among investors, developers and real estate companies to build neighborhoods that will incorporate SILT-owned nature-friendly farms into them, providing a win-win for all involved and permanently protecting more land more quickly during this massive land transfer. In such “agri-hoods” around the country, homes sell for faster, for higher prices on smaller lots and enjoy bucolic backyards of beautiful farms. It is the only land trust in the Midwest dedicated to such an ambitious and vital mission.

In three years we have protected 5 farms totaling more than 400 acres. If you’re interested in protecting your land, or if you’re a new farmer looking for an affordable opportunity, contact us today. 


SILT Executive Director  *Suzan Erem –  suzan@silt.org

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*SILT Founders who attended founding retreat in Perry IA, December 2014.