A Permanent Solution to a Perennial Farm Crisis

  • Iowa imports nearly 90% of our food.

  • Next gen farmers who want to grow table food cannot afford land constantly under pressure from either housing development or commodity corn.

  • Every 40-50 years we have a farm crisis. We’re in one now.

  • Experts forecast “farmerless farms” in the next 10 years.

SILT’s Solution:

Use the power of a land trust to permanently reduce the cost of land surrounding our growing communities.

The Multiple Benefits:

  • Young people moving into rural areas.
  • Jobs and educational opportunities on fruit and vegetable farms.
  • Carbon sequestered from managed grazing.
  • Fresh, healthful food for local communities.
  • Fewer synthetic chemical use and improved soil biology.
  • Soil stays in Iowa instead of flowing to the Gulf.
  • A diversified Iowa landscape and ag economy.

You’re invited! Become part of the solution. Apply to serve on the SILT board, donate today or attend one of our many gatherings around the state.

drowning field and sunset