Only Landowners can build an Iowa sustained by community-based food farms. SILT is here to make it last. 

SILT provides peace of mind when it comes to

  • keeping the farm in the family
  • financial security in retirement
  • leaving a legacy
  • being fair to your heirs
  • improving Iowa’s soil and water quality
  • creating new opportunity in our rural communities
  • growing food Iowans can eat

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The Many Ways to Protect Your Land

Donating some or all of your land to SILT can allow you to

  • stay on your land for as long as you like while enjoying peace of mind.
  • enjoy the benefits of a significant charitable tax deduction
  • reduce the capital gains liability of selling other parcels
  • take the value of the farm out of the expense of your estate
  • reduce the chance for strife among heirs
  • leave a food-producing legacy for all Iowans
  • protect your farmland from getting re-zoned
  • and requires only one appraisal and only if you plan to take advantage of available tax incentives

Attaching a land protection agreement, called a sustainable ag conservation easement, to your deed 

  • allows you to keep ownership of the land to sell or pass on
  • reduce the value of the land for future farmers and for estate planning purposes
  • keep your land in conservation-minded farming no matter who owns it in the future
  • requires two appraisals – one for full value and for protected value IF you plan to utilize available tax incentives
  • conservation tax incentives include up to 16-year federal income tax deductions and 20-year state tax credits.

Iowa State Bar Association’s a “Find-a-Lawyer” service allows you to choose from geographic location and expertise. Some considerations for choosing an attorney may include expertise in estate planning, nonprofit donations and real estate. SILT cannot recommend a particular attorney.

Appraisers can be booked for months in advance, so start looking early. Be sure to ask any appraiser if he or she is qualified to appraise conservation easements. Please contact us once you have settled on an appraiser if you’d like us to talk to him. SILT cannot recommend any particular appraiser.

American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers Find a Land Expert search.
Dan Dvorak – Iowa Appraisal and Research Corporation
Jennifer Babb – Nelsen Appraisal Associates
David Nebel – Hertz Farm Management (515) 382-1500 –
Brad Hays – Peoples Company –
Jim JensenJensen and Jennings Appraisals

Iowa Mediation Services 

Iowa Mediation Service was founded in 1985 as a non-profit organization dedicated to solutions for farmers, families, and anyone who may find themselves in need of a dispute resolution expert. Mediation provides a low-cost, low-risk solution to resolving financial, property, or personal conflicts.

Michael Rosmann
Harlan, IA

The Iowa Society of Certified Public Accountants offers this useful search for a CPA based on expertise and geographic location. SILT cannot recommend a particular CPA.

Gives your farm its forever guardian.

SILT has the moral mission and legal responsibility to protect your land in perpetuity.

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