Michael Pollan, a writer and food activist wrote a great summary of the  writes a summary of how “Big Food” lobies can fight back any attempt to regulate them.


“A food system organized around subsidized monocultures of corn and soy […] guzzled tremendous amounts of fossil fuel (for everything from the chemical fertilizer and pesticide those fields depended on to the fuel needed to ship food around the world) and in the process emitted tremendous amounts of greenhouse gas — as much as a third of all emissions, by some estimates.”

SILT helps farmers access land to grow food sustainably and participate in a healthier food system for farmers, consumers, and our planet.

As Pollan says, one of the food movement’s strengths “is the force of its ideas and the appeal of its aspirations — to build community, to reconnect us with nature and to nourish both our health and the health of the land. By comparison, what ideas does Big Food have? One, basically: “If you leave us alone and pay no attention to how we do it, we can produce vast amounts of acceptable food incredibly cheaply.”

Read the article here: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/10/09/magazine/obama-administration-big-food-policy.html?_r=0