We Believe In Collaboration

  • SILT works with Iowa landowners to protect their land. Landowners may choose to donate property – even while retaining full use of it during their lives – OR place a permanent land protection agreement on it and retaining ownership. Both options come with significant tax incentives to eligible donors.
  • SILT works with beginning farmers to explain how land protection limits the uses of the property to sustainable food producing, reducing its value and therefore its cost to them.
  • SILT works with city planners and private developers to build small farms into the planning process. These independent, family farms will provide a diverse, healthy landscape, increasing nearby home values while attracting new businesses seeking a high quality of life for their employees. SILT believe agri-communities are the future.
  • SILT works with established farm groups and farm management companies to market SILT farms to aspiring and experienced farmers looking to grow healthy food in Iowa, making Iowa a great state to move to and grow young families and good food.

…With You!

Do you have farmland, a development project or a comprehensive plan that would benefit from a natural food farm? If a city park, golf course or local airport can fit into your plans, a SILT farm can too!