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  • PO Box 306, 101 Main St. West Branch, IA 52358
  • (319) 800-8108
  • PO Box 306, 101 Main St. West Branch, IA 52358
  • 319.800.8108


  • SILT permanently protects land across Iowa. Landowners may choose to donate property – even while retaining full use of it during their lives – or place a permanent land protection agreement on it, retaining ownership. Both options come with significant tax incentives to eligible donors.
  • On parcels the land trust owns, we offer qualified farmers long-term, inheritable leases that free them from a lifetime of debt. They enjoy the pride of ownership in their homes, barns and business, but SILT takes the price of the land itself out of the equation for sustainable farmers all across Iowa.
  • Land protection agreements, called an agricultural conservation easement, cut the purchase price by as much as half due to the permanent restrictions to grow food in a nature-friendly way, making land for sustainable food farmers affordable for generations to come. SILT monitors and enforces those easements.
  • With city planners and private developers, we seek to build small farms into the planning process. These independent, family farms will provide a diverse, healthy landscape, increasing nearby home values while attracting new businesses seeking a high quality of life for their employees.
  • We will work with established farm groups and farm management companies to market SILT farms to aspiring and experienced farmers looking to grow healthy food in Iowa, making Iowa a great state to move to and grow young families and good food.

Interested in learning more? If you are a landowner, farmer, developer, planner or just interested citizen, please contact us today. We’ll be glad to talk out the details.

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