SILT announced its plans to develop a farm management focus for all land protected bypastured cattle SILT either through ownership or easements in the national Green Money Journal this week in an article sent to 25,000 readers.

Protecting farmland to grow healthy food means more than just a use restriction for future generations. Farms, like homes, need to be occupied to stay healthy.  SILT is taking on the responsibility of matching the right sustainable food farmer with the land, whether it’s farms we own or, when the landowner seeks assistance, land protected by a SILT easement. After all, most landowners aren’t experts in matching their land with a sustainable food farmer looking for opportunity in Iowa.

SILT is still young, so these programs, staff and funding are just in the planning stages. But if we don’t tell the world what we need to fulfill our mission, we’re doing a disservice. We know there are people who would gladly join in and help us take our next steps.

If you’re one of those folks, please contact us today or donate here for a future of healthy, fresh food production in Iowa.