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Passing the farm on isn’t as simple as it used to be.    

Multiple heirs living in distant cities, the value of the land, healthcare costs and other complicating factors make this a tough decision.

If you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to

  • keeping the farm in the family
  • financial security in retirement
  • leaving a legacy
  • being fair to your heirs
  • improving Iowa’s soil and water quality
  • creating new opportunity in our rural communities

SILT can be part of the solution.

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A donation of some or all of your land to SILT can allow you to

  • stay on your land for as long as you like
  • enjoy the benefits of a significant charitable tax deduction
  • reduce the capital gains liability of selling other parcels
  • take the value of the farm out of the expense of your estate
  • reduce the chance for strife among heirs
  • leave a food-producing legacy for all Iowans
  • provide the right to your children to farm the land
  • protect your farmland from getting re-zoned
  • and requires only one appraisal and only if you plan to take advantage of available tax incentives

A donation of a sustainable ag conservation easement allows you to

  • keep ownership of the land to sell or pass on
  • reduce the value of the land for future farmers and for estate planning purposes
  • protect your farm as a farm no matter who owns it in the future
  • requires an appraisal for full value and for protected value if you plan to utilize available tax incentives

Will the next person be the steward you have been?

Pressure from growing communities and bigger farms, siblings who’ve moved away, family LLCs or Trusts have have grown too large and distant can convince many heirs to sell.

Donating part or all of your land or a conservation easement to SILT gives your farm its own guardian – an organization with a moral mission and legal responsibility to protect your land in perpetuity.

Contact us today to begin the conversation about how donating land or an easement can fit into your plans to transition your farm to the next generation.