Tony McDonald

The Henning family is one among three families that have owned land in Section 5 of Scranton Township in Greene County for more than one hundred years. The Henning Sisters Limited Partnership now plans to sell this 133-acre farm, which the sisters’ paternal grandparents (Russie and Lemma Henning) started farming in 1914, to two young men from each of the other two families—the McDonalds and the Christensens. These two men have been operators on the farm since 2013.

The land currently produces certified organic corn, small grains, and alfalfa in a 4-year rotation. Tony McDonald, who bought the land, continues producing certified organic food-grade grains and certified organic animal feed. Future uses could include Animal Welfare Approved certified livestock, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The parcel is large enough to support multiple farmers growing a diversity of crops.

The transfer of this farm from the Henning Family to the McDonald Family through SILT allowed the Henning Family to ensure that the farm would always represent the conservation values the Hennings held dear. It also allowed them to sell to Tony McDonald at a discount due to the lower appraised value of the land due to the easement, while realizing federal and state tax incentives available to easement donors.

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